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DAHENG IMAGING Expands its Family of MERCURY2 GigE Cameras

Author: DAHENG IMAGING Date: 2020-10-22

DAHENG IMAGING Expands its Family of MERCURY2 GigE Cameras

    More new MERCURY2 GigE cameras are officially released recently, involve the MER2-160-75Gx and MER2-041-302Gx, which is provide more choices for industry users. It is now available to be tried and ordered.

    The MER2-160-75Gx is a MERCURY2 GigE series camera based on Sony IMX273 Global shutter sensors, and the GigE camera with the same sensor is not available in the old MERCURY series. The latest two cameras are capable of the Ultra-Short exposure time mode, which can support the setting of the exposure time in 1us adjustment step from 1us to 100us, which is more suitable to meet the needs of capturing high-speed moving objects.




Resolution (H×V)

Pixel Size

Optical Size

Data Interface

Frame Rate


Sony IMX287 Global shutter


6.9x6.9 um





Sony IMX273 Global shutter


3.45x3.45 um





Consumer Electronics Industry

New energy industry

Logistics Industry

Medical Industry

Smart manufacturing

Founded in 1991, DAHENG IMAGING is a leading supplier in China that designs and manufactures professional imaging & vision equipments as well as machine vision solutions. Since its founding, the company has been dedicated to the advancement of imaging & vision technologies and delivered a range of own-developed vision products with many proprietary innovations. As a high-tech company with the real strength, DAHENG IMAGING keeps its commitment to all customers - offering superior technologies, high-quality products and perfect service consistently. Please visit DAHENG IMAGING's website at for more information.

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