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“Shine Bright in the Vision 2020”--- DAHENG IMAGING Machine Vision Technical Topic Online Seminar is about to open

Author: DAHENG IMAGING Date: 2020-03-27

Affected by the COVID-19 in recent months, all kinds of offline activities have to be cancelled or postponed. In order to satisfy the learning demands for machine vision and share successful cases deployed in the past years during such a special period, "Shine Bright in the Vision 2020" -- Technology Theme Seminar, will be held by DAHENG IMAGING next Wednesday (April 1)!

This seminar combines the experience of the past two years’ seminars and application cases which customers most concern about to provide a comprehensive explanation of advanced machine vision technology.

After the introduction of technology and classic cases, our system application engineers will set up several demo systems to simulate customer sites and demonstrate the detection effect for you in a more targeted way by combining with the speech content. At the same time, we will strengthen online interaction, allowing our vision engineers to communicate more directly with customers, you can ask any questions by then, and we’ll answer at the first time.

We desire to bring advanced machine vision technology to domestic users through online seminars, and strengthen communication and cooperation with our customers, so as to make a small contribution to the big development of machine vision.


l Deep Learning Solutions--- Classification and identification

Date: April 1, 2020

l Deep Learning Solutions ---Target Detection

Date: April 8, 2020

l Deep Learning Solutions --- Defect Detection

Date: April 15, 2020

The Deep Learning System in the field of Artificial Intelligence brings new concepts and ideas to machine vision, provides new solutions and plans to solve difficult problems in industrial automation realm, also has a wide range of applications such as product conformity assessment, appearance defects detection, and locating. The first 3 seminars will introduce DAHENG IMAGING deep learning solutions to you, including three major functions of classification, target detection and defect detection. The content involves not only working principle and the latest technology (such as: unsupervised learning without defect samples, target detection with rotate direction, etc.), but also with examples to demonstrate the actual operation steps, and finally we’ll present our successful cases to you. Please join us by the following way:

Follow our WeChat Official Account: “DAHENG IMAGING”, to get the first seminar’s live information and Q&A session reviews.

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